Plate rolling from 3 mm to 180 mm of thickness

Our specialization is in the field of metal roll bending, where experience, technology and qualified personnel have enabled us to satisfy the various needs of the sector, while remaining competitive with deliveries adjusted.
The metal roll bending indeed is a very complex and delicate process, through which the steel sheets are modified to obtain pipes and shell rings with the conical shape or cylindrical. To obtain a plate rolling process, it is necessary to pass the metallic material through three rollers, at a suitably adjusted distance, which will give the adequate shaping the product. The production technique also allows you to predict which specific radius confer on the plate.

Metal roll bending : a complex and delicate process that requires years of experience and maximum precision.

This is therefore a manufacturing process that requires the highest precision and skill that only years of experience can express: Sidertaglio Calandratura s.r.l perform plate rolling over 50 years and the result is the guarantee of a high product quality.

We are able to produce parts calendered from 3 mm to 180 mm thickness (rings, flanges, pipes, sectors of a cone, etc.) and any type of profile.
In addition we operate in the industry carpentry sector for the production of drums, pipes, pressure vessels, tanks, pipelines, etc.

Here are a few examples of our work: