Heavy industrial carpentry

Plate rolling and production of tube elements on request

Our experience has led us to specialize in a type of carpentry closely linked to plate rolling. The carpentry of Sidertaglio Calandratura s.r.l are the complement of the calendering process and can be: more sections of pipe assembly, implementation and application of rings, nozzles, flanges, bottoms and so indicated by the customer's specifications.

Production of tanks, pressure vessels, boilers, evaporators, condensers, etc.

This processing step is carried out while maintaining the highest quality standards. We also produce metal vessels of every size and type of equipment, pressure vessels, boilers, evaporators, condensers, etc.
Production takes place under the supervision of Quality office and the third body L.R. that, when required, certifies the finished product according to the construction codes and standards (such as ASME Sez.VIII Div.1 or PED).
Below we highlight some examples:

Sidertaglio Calandratura s.r.l has developed a full experience in the field of heavy industrial carpentry, the expressed competencies indeed include the weld sector to that of plate rolling and finishing.
The company is now able to offer solutions to the various problems that may occur in the industrial field, with the constant guarantee of a good result and ultimate precision.

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